Through a modern and huge manufacturing park, we produce aluminum of the highest quality, with the guarantee of flatness level and thickness according to ABNT standards.


Coils - up to 1350 mm

The aluminum coils are produced by a process of Continuous Roll Caster and cold lamination, with final width of up to 1,350 mm.

  • The surface finish of the coils can be natural (standard) or glossy. In case of the latter, it is obtained in one of the sides through a lamination process;
  • The coils can be supplied with the application of a protective film on one of the sides.


Thickness Width Length
MinMinimum MaxMaximum MinMinimum MaxMaximum MinMinimum MaxMaximum
Flat coil 0,3 mm 2,0 mm 100 mm 1350 mm 508 mm 1750 mm
Non-flat coil 1,5 mm 3,0 mm 100 mm 1350 mm 508 mm 1750 mm


Aplicação de bobinas
Aplicação de bobinas

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