Respect toward the

In addition to the generation of jobs in the cities where the plants are established, the company also supports important social projects in the region. It cooperates with the Beltronense “Friendly Hand” cancer prevention project, supports the Home for the Elderly, Our Lady of Favors, in the city of Palmas and also stimulates local events of sports, culture and leisure.

When the subject is environment, the Alcast group also stands out. Worried about the future of nature, it counts on a modern system of environmental management, meeting the current and effective laws as well as possible. All the aluminum scrap generated from the casting process is recycled internally; the residues of plastic and paper, as well as other materials, have an ecologically correct destination, with constant inspection on the part of the environmental agencies.

The company is also concerned with constantly using recyclable products and raw materials, such as renewable electric energy, generated from its own power plant, in the entire production process. Part of the area of 760,300 m2 of the unit of Francisco Beltrão consists of preserved Atlantic Forest and other points of the structure count on reforestation through the planting of trees native to the region. A Alcast - símbolo

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